About us

We moved to Provence from the UK in 2008 and since then have spent much time modernising and improving our house just outside Draguignan, alongside doing our real jobs – Malene as a vet, Phil as a graphic designer. We live there with our two dogs and a cat.

Around seven years ago we started renting out our own house and had great success. Each year we’ve been able to improve the property, benefiting both ourselves and our visitors. We care about the house and we also care about the people who rent it.

Over the years we’ve gained much experience in the holiday rental market and developed our own personal approach to looking after houses. It now seems to have taken over our main jobs – especially pre-season and during the summer months, but we do feel that we’re in control of all that we do and we get ​excellent feedback on all the houses we look after (an average of 9.4 out of 10).

Our winter months are just as busy as in summertime although in different ways with enquiries and bookings coming in for the following year – starting in late August as a slow drip feed ​which increases as the weeks and months pass by. But we also have a lot of time outdoors working in our own 1 hectare garden – making sure everything will look good for the following season. This feels like a good lifestyle balance to us.

Four years ago we took control of renting out our own house as well as one other that we take care of – with great success. Since then we've acquired more houses in and around the Lorgues and Draguignan area, mainly through word of mouth.

At present we service a ​hand-picked selection of holiday houses. We help owners with their bookings and do our best to fill all available weeks.

In addition, we take care of all communication with tenants before and during their stay. We manage the cleaning and we also supply bed linen and towels. We give feedback to owners when needed.

Our philosophy is to make sure that all the houses are prepared to an excellent high standard before the start of the season and that we have a good working relationship and understanding with owners in terms of preparation and any on-going maintenance. This way we can ​be more confident in a trouble free season.

We take our work very seriously – from the first enquiry from a potential tenant to making sure that all the houses are well looked after and taken care of. We can achieve this mainly because we choose to have only a relatively small selection of houses in our portfolio and have a good relationship and ​a personal communication with owners as well as tenants. Nice houses, well-presented, personal service – all at a fair price. For us it really is personal.